U-KISS Eli’s Surgery Ended, “Surgery Went Well”

October 19, 2010 § 3 Comments


sry for my late i first beacuse wordpress didnt let me log in and second i was busy with university sry again again

U-KISS Eli’s fractured wrist surgery has gone well and he is expected to resume his broadcasting activities soon.

On the evening of 19th, U-KISS’s agency official told Asia Economy Sports Today “Eli’s surgery has ended.”

The official added “The operation went well. The doctor in charged has done his best to minimize the scar. Several weeks are needed for a full recovery. Eli’s greed for U-KISS promotional activities is very big, it will be likely that he will return to his normal schedules. He will be using a special equipment to protect his wrist while moving on with the activities. If Eli feels the pain due to the surgery, we will ask him to completely stop doing his activities.”

On the 17th, Eli fell and hurts his wrist while doing a dance practicing. He was taken to the emergency room immediately for an examination and the result showed that Eli had a fractured wrist and damaged ligament, which required surgery. He underwent for a surgery this morning (19th October 2010) and he is currently in a recovery state.

الهی بگردم این میگه ایلای سر تمرین مچ دستش شیکسته ولی بردنش بیمارستان اوژانس ووویی با تست هایی که ازش گرفتن گفتن که مچ دستش شکسته وباید عمل بشه

ان اچ گفته که “دکترها عمل رو انجام دادن وتونستن زحم رو به حداقلش برسونن و برای درمان کاملش چند هفته لازمه وطول میکشه (الهی تیکه تیکه شم) و اون به سر فعالیت خودش برمیگرده و از لوازم هایی برای محافظت از دستش استفاده میکنه اگرهم ایلای دردی احساس کنه ما کلا بهش میگیم که فعالیت رو متوقف کنه”



§ 3 Responses to U-KISS Eli’s Surgery Ended, “Surgery Went Well”

  • mehi says:

    akheeeeeey Eli,mondam chikar mikarde,tamrine chi bode ke dastesh shekaste,khoda kone zod khob she.mer30

  • melody says:

    elahi….azizam….omidvaram zodtar khob she jigar 😦 😦

  • Whitekissme says:

    Hi.eli bichare.man ke nistam ina ye gandi mizanan.khobe kevin chizish nashode.khob man ba cellphone omadam net bayad beram.pinky harkari mikonam ba cellphone login word nemisham.badan ba cp up mikonam.love ya.bye

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