TWITTER Alexander’s Update II

November 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Leaving now! Took a pic w/ the ″Korean Royal family″ in airport! Keke~*^^* Here we go, Mongolia~! BRB guys! (^v^)/
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TWITTER Kiseop’s Update II

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hi every one, i change Background, please tell me if u like it or not? or tell anyting about it, tnxs 🙂


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TWITTER Eli’s Update

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Mmm coffee

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TWITTER Kiseop’s Update

November 29, 2010 § 5 Comments

@alexander_0729 Looks delicious, right?? 😛
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Soohyun, Kiseop, Dongho @ God of Cookery

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U-Kiss @ Haru Hana Magazine

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nice pic

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Important news : U-Kiss’ Kibum clears up rumors about Baek Boram

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U-Kiss member Kibum clarified his position about the rumor about him and comedian Baek Boram.

Baek Boram had said on E Channel’s “Poker Face”, “Male idol ‘K’, who I had met on the set, is interested in me. ‘K’ was born in 1990, and is a whole 10 years younger than me”. Naturally, such a statement made viewers very interested about the identity of ‘K’.

Driven by their curiosity, netizens compiled a list of all the male idols born in 1990. U-Kiss’ Kibum was in that list, and when it began to look as if he was the one, Kibum wrote an explanation on his Cyworld diary on November 27th. He wrote, “There have been articles coming out since a few days ago which I didn’t think were important, but why is the fire suddenly coming to me?”

Kibum wrote, “Do I have to announce it? Should I be sorry to Boram noona for writing something like this? It’s not me.”

He also revealed his disappointment in a few of his fans, saying, “And for a few of the KissMes (U-Kiss fans), you shouldn’t be like that. Readily writing things about me and women and cursing. There are so many idols born in 1990, so why is it me? Because we follow each other on Twitter? Because we know each other’s phone numbers? Because we were on ‘Love Chaser’? Please realize that things you say without thinking ends up hurting people.”

Fans who read this responded with comforting comments like, “I feel better after reading this. Enough of the thoughtless guessing”, “Even I’m feeling sorry. A rumor is just a rumor” and “We know it’s not you. Don’t get hurt”.

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