U-Kiss captivates Kiss Me hearts at Singapore fanmeet

November 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

U-Kiss arrived at Singapore Changi Airport in style on the 18th of November, and captivated Kissmes (fans of U-Kiss) hearts at their Singapore fanmeet on the 19th of November. U-Kiss were in Singapore for The Kings of Freedom Concert and their mini album, ‘Break Time’, promotion activities.

The fanmeet and autograph session was held at IMM shopping center’s Garden Plaza, and U-Kiss played some games with fans and fans at the fanmeet got a random U-Kiss member’s autograph on their ‘Break Time’ album.

Soohyun, Eli, Kevin, Dongho, Alexander, Kibum and Kiseop were all dressed in semi-formal outfits for the fanmeet, and because of the crazy heat, Eli took off his blazer and showed off his build in a black wifebeater.
Check out some of the pictures below:

U-Kiss were asked, “who is the member who snores the loudest?”

And this is what Kibum would do to his ‘Singapore girlfriend’ if he had one:

omg….im jealous
U-Kiss gave the stage (and jumped off the stage) to the fans who were on stage dancing to U-Kiss’s ‘Mworago’ to win the boys’ personal items as gifts:


Soohyun gave air-hugs and air-hi5s to the fans below who didn’t have a chance to play games with the boys:
HAHAHAHA……funny……eli che kare bahali karde 😀

Next, another group of fans on stage got to guess which U-Kiss member drank lemon juice (while the rest drank regular water):

Hahahaha…… 😀

hey …..is the t shirt that alexs show before in his twitter

Ukissmesg prepared an advanced birthday celebration surprise for Kevin and fans sang a ‘Happy Birthday’ song to him:

Omg…..i wish I was there 😦
Happy birthday dear Kevin….make a wish 😀

U-Kiss exchanged gifts with the official sponsor of the event, F&N Singapore, and Dongho almost dropped the autographed gift:

Individual shots of U-Kiss:


nice 😉

love u 2 😀

Credits: ukisspersianclub + kissmeukiss + kokokoreano.com


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