Meet SNSD’s 10th member – U-KISS’ Dongho!

December 29, 2010 § 7 Comments


U-KISS‘ Dongho has transformed into SNSD’s 10th member for his new sitcom, MBC’s “Real School.”

In “Real School,” Dongho plays the role of a ‘Jabbeuk-nam’, which is a term used for guys who faint at the sight of their own reflection because they believe themselves to be that handsome. His character believes that girls will float over at the sight of his killer wink; however, he receives a cold shock after being dumped by his first girlfriend. Dongho’s character ends up following her to the Real School.

Dongho said,

I am nervous and a bit worried because through my Jabbeuk-nam character in ‘Real School,’ I will be showing a different side of myself than I have in the past… Please anticipate and love this Jabbeuk-nam character, that unthinkably begins with a humiliating cross-dressing image.

A ‘Real School’ representative stated,

Dongho was initially very shy and awkward with his cross-dressing appearance, but as soon as the cameras started rolling, he danced perfectly and acted unaffected, spurring a sea of laughter on the set.

دونگ هو در برنامه “مدرسه واقعی” عضو دهم گیرلز جنریشن شد

دونگ هو در این برنامه نقش پسری رو داره که فکر میکنه خیلی خوش قیافس و دخترا با دیدن چشمک هاش از حال میرن.

دونگ هو: من یکم نگرانم چون با بازی کردن در این نقش کارهایی میکنم که قبلا نکردم….لطفا نقشم رو دوست داشته باشین و منتظر “مدرسه واقعی” بمونین

یکی از مسوولان مدرسه واقعی:دونگ هو اوایل خیلی خجالتی بود اما وقتی فیلم برداری شروع شد،خیلی بی عیب و ماهرانه شروع به رقصیدن کرد و باعث خنده همه شد.                                                                             



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