Soohyun @ News Photo (MBC 2011 Lunar New Year Special Star Dance Battle)

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U-Kiss @ KBS Lunar New Year Celebrity Marathon

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Performances from the 2011 Star Dance Battle

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In celebration of Lunar New Year, many of the television stations have been airing special episodes and shows. Tonight, the 2011 Star Dance Battle took place.

Round 2 was between T-ara and After School. Round 3 featured Hong Jin Young and Yoo Chae Young. The winner of round 3 was Yoo Chae Young. Round 4 was between Soohyun of U-Kiss & Jang Young Ran and Kim Gyung Jin. Round 5 was between Jewelry and Teen Top, and Jewelry came out victorious. Round 6 was between Dal Shabet and Han Groo, and Han Groo scored the win.

Round 7 featured none other than Z:EA and INFINITE, which ended in a tie. In round 8, Sistar defeated Rainbow with their powerful performance. SS501’s Park Jungmin was no match for MBLAQ, who took the win for round 9. Girl groups 4minute and Miss A went up against each other in round 10, but Miss A walked away with the victory.

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Go behind-the-scenes of MBC’s Lunar New Year special, “Star Dance Battle”

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This year, MBC delivered a sizzling Lunar New Year’s special with “Star Dance Battle“, which featured performances from stars like Park Jung Min and U-KISS’ Soohyun.
We previously reported about the hot kiss performances these idols delivered for the special, but in case you’ve been dying for more, MBC has released a behind-the-scenes video of the filming.

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Soohyun is willing to become religious for Sarang

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On the E-Channel show “Poker Face,” Soohyun of U-Kiss revealed his ideal woman to be actress Kim Sarang. Sarang, who previously was Miss Korea, has recently been gaining a lot of attention from her role as Yoonseul in the popular drama “Secret Garden”.

Soohyun meets Sarang often, since the two go to the same hair salon. The latter is a very devout Christian, and in order to become closer to her, Soohyun would ask her several questions regarding religion. Sarang would eagerly answer his questions and tried to evangelize him.

Lastly, Soohyun confessed, “Currently, I do not have a religion, but if it was for Kim Sarang, I would become religious.” His public confession and strong feelings for Kim Sarang surprised the cast.

This episode of “Poker Face” is scheduled to air on the 5th.

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TWITTER Soohyun’s Update

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@ukissSH: “마라톤 1위의 영광은 키스미에게~~히히 마라톤 1등한거처럼 요번 앨범도 1위해볼께요 많이 응원해주세요^^ 사랑해요!!^^”

Translation: @ukissSH: “No.1 (ranking) marathon in honor of Kiss Mes~ Heehee Like ranking no.1, I’ll try to make our album rank 1st too. Please give us a lot of support^^ I love you!!^^”

*ohh~ So sweeet Soohyun oppa. ^^ ~*

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U-Kiss @ Asianhits Magazine Vol. 14 (Indonesia)

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