kevin biography with translate finglish (sara request)

ona eie ke to parantez neveshtam maniyashe va bazi jaha ham neveshtam translate onaeie ke kheili maloman ham tarjome nakardam omidvaram khosheton biyad 😀 (rasty man bazy ahangaye ghadimiye kevin ro ham ke english khonde va chand ta az ahanga xing ham daram age khastin begin baraton bezaram)
Name: Kevin
Real name: Woo Sunghyun
Hobbies (tafrihat): listening to music (ahang gosh kardan) , watching movies (film nega kardan), composing music (ahangsazi), reading (ketab va gheyre khondan)
Talents (tavanaeieha): Poppin’danse (raghse pop), guitar, paino, English
Group: U-KISS
Height (ghad): 175 cm
Weight (vazn): 50 kg
Date of birth (roze tavalodesh): 25 November 1991
Feature (vizhegiha): Attended school in California and speaks English fluently (dar california madrese mirafte va be tore kheili ravan english harf mizane)

Kevin Woo (Korean: 케빈우 | Birth Name = Woo Sung Hyun Korean: 우성현) (born November 25, 1991), is currently a member of a seven-member South Korean boy band, U-KISS,[1] formed by NH Media in 2008. Bandmates include Alexander Lee Eusebio, Shin Soohyun, Kim Kibum, Lee Kiseop, Elison Kim and Shin Dongho. The name of the group stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star.Contents

translate: kevin dar hale hazer yeki az azaye gorohe 7 nafare gorohe pesare jonobe kore, u-kiss hast. ke bevasileye NH Media dar sale 2008 be vojod amade. afrade goroh shamele Alexander Lee Eusebio, Shin Soohyun, Kim Kibum, Lee Kiseop, Elison Kim and Shin Dongho mishavad.
esme in goroh mokhafafe idol super star beynol melali kore va faragir (dar hameja) hast.

Early life (avale zendegi)
Kevin was born and raised in the town of Danville, CA a suburb of San Francisco and Oakland, United States and lived with his parents and older sister Deanna. He attended Monte Vista High School and was in the school choir as well as his church’s praise team. Kevin decided to pursue a career as a musician after seeing singing sensation Rain (entertainer) perform. When he auditioned in Korea during a holiday trip, he was chosen to be a singer and at the age of 15, he moved to Korea with his mother.

translate: kevin dar shahre danville dar home San Francisco va Oakland dar amrika be donya amad va matrah shod. va bakhanevade ash va khahare bozorgtarash deanna zendegi mikoard. kevin ba hozor dar dabirestane Monte Vista va hozor har korohe koremadresash va hamchenin dar teame setayeshe kelisa matrah shod. kevin bad az ejraye khod ke barane ehsas ra khand ( be tore sargarmi) tasmim gereft khanandegi ro be tore herfeiei donbal konad. dar sene 15 salegi dar tatilat dar mosaferati ke be kore dasht be onvane khanande azmayesh shod va ghabol shod va bad ba madarash be kore naghle makan kard.

Singing career (avaz khandane herfeiei)
2006 : Debut with XING (aghaze kar ba xing)
Kevin debuts in a four-member group, XING, alongside Marumir (also Kim Kibum), Yume and Cheon Hyesung. The group name is an acronym for Crossing In New Genre. XING’s first single ‘In Your Hands’ was released on December 14, 2006. Their popularity quickly rose and they were dubbed as the teenage SG Wannabe. XING made it in to the list of the Top 5 Most Anticipated Artists in 2007.

translate: kevin aghaz be kar kard dar gorohe 4 nafareye xing dar kenare marumir (hamon kim kibum), Yume va Cheon Hyesung. esme goroh mokhafafe obor az sabke jadid bod. avalin ahange takishon be name dar dast haye to ( in your hands) dar 14 desember sale 2006 biron amad. marofiyate anha be tondi afzayesh miyaft va anha aghaz be kar kardan be onvane nojavanane SG Wannabe. xing dar 5 taye avale list pishbiniye honarmandan dar sale 2007 shodan.

2006-2008 : Activities as member of XING (faaliyat ha be onvane yeki az gorohe xing)
Mini Albums and Albums released
In 2007, two new members were added to the group, while Marumir left the group. Thus, XING became a 5-member group for the release of their second mini album on August 5, 2007, My Girl. The title song falls into the genre of pop.

translate: mini album ha va album hashon dar 2007 biron omadan. va 2 ozve jadid be goroheshon ezafe shod dar hali ke kibum (marumir) goroh ro tark kard. bana bar in xing tabdil be gorohe 5 taeie shod ke dovomin mini albume khod ra dar 5 August 2007 biron dadan be name dokhtare man (my girl). ke in ahang dar sabke pop gharar migereft.

After undergoing member makeup dramatic changes, seven-member XING returned to the musical scene in December 12, 2007, with mini album, The White Of Winter.

translate: bad az taghrate shegrfi ke afrade goroh dar arayesheshon anjam dadan gorohe 7 nafareye xing be sahneye musical bargashtan dar 12 December 2007 ba mini albume zenestane sefid (The White Of Winter).

On March 17, 2008, the seven-member XING released a digital single T-Express. The music style of the group changes from pop genre to a more dance genre with rap influence.

translate: dar 17 march 2008 gorohe 7 nafare xing yek tak ahange digital be name T-Express montasher kardan. sabke ahange goroh az jense pop be jense raghse bishtar ba nofoze rap tabdil shod

Other happenings (digar etefaghat)
The group held its second concert on September 8, 2007. They performed songs from both their singles and each member delivered a solo performance. They performed officially on national television at the YTN Star Digital Night Concert.
After the release of T-Express in April 2008, Kevin, the only original member of XING decided to depart from the group.

translate: goroh dovomin conserte khod ra dar 8 September 2007 ejra kardan. ejraye ahn ha az har do tak ahang ha va har ozve goroh ham be tanhaeie ejraye taki anjam dadand. anha rasman dar tv jahani dar concerte YTN STAR DIGITAL NIGHT ejra kardan. bad az biron dadane t-express dar April 2008 kevin tanha ozve asilye xing tasmim gereft ke az goroh joda she.

2008 : Debut with U-KISS (aghaze kar ba u-kiss)
Kevin then becomes a member of a six-member group, U-KISS. The name of the group stands for Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Star. They debuted on August 15, 2008 in Japan at the Power of Atamix. The group released their first mini album, N-Generation, on September 3, 2008. Later on, the group debuted on South Korean television, with a performance of “Not Young” on M! Countdown. Kiseop later joined in 2009, before 만만하니 promotional activities, and U-KISS then becomes a seven-member boyband.

translate: kevin be onvane ozvi az gorohe 6 nafare u-kiss dar omad. anha dar 15 August 2008 dar japon dar ghodrate Atamix shoro be kar kardan. avalin mini albumeshono ,N-Generation, dar September 3, 2008 montasher kardan. badan in goroh dar tv jonobe kore aghaz be kar kardan ba ejraye “Not Young” dar M! Countdown. kiseop badan dar 2009 be goroh peyvast ghabl az faaliyat haye tablighatiye u-kiss va u-kiss tabdil shod be gorohe pesare 7 nafare.

2008-2010 : Activities as member of U-KISS (faaliyat ha be onvane ozvi az u-kiss)
Mini Albums and Albums released
The group made their comeback with their second Mini Album, Bring It Back 2 Old School, in February.
On November 5, 2009, U-KISS returned with their third mini album, Am I That Easy?[2].
Their first full length album, Only One, was released on February 2010.

translate:Mini Album ha va Album ha biron dade shodan. goroh bargashte khodeshono ba dadane 2vomin Mini Album eshon be name, Bring It Back 2 Old School, dar February anjam dadan.
dar November 5, 2009, u-kiss ba sevomin mini albumeshon be name ;Am I That Easy?, barghashtan.
avalin albume kamel va tolanishon be name ,only one, dar February 2010 montasher shod.

Other happenings (baghiye etefaghat)
Kevin joined Arirang[3]’s radio show Pops in Seoul to host the ‘All About You’ segment alongside co-host Isak. Alexander later joined the duo in the hosting. Eli joined them as a new co-host in early 2010, replacing Isak.

translate: kevin be show pop in seoul dar radio arirang be onvane mizbane barname aal about you dar kenare mizbane sherkat isak molhagh shod va kami bad alexs ham be mizbani peyvast va eli ham be in gorohe mizban dar avayele 2010 bejaye isak peyvast.

Kevin, along with bandmate Alexander were also made regular casts for variety show “Star King” since April, and were both selected as new MCs for Arirang TV global music show “The M-Wave[4]” in early August.
Kevin has also sang Finally featuring Alexander, a song composed by Brave Brothers.
translate: kevin ham rah ba ham gorohish alexs hamchenin be tore monazam dar show ‘star king’ az april hazer shod va har 2 be onvane MC jadide baraye arirang tv baraye barnameye ‘the m-wave’ dar avayele august entekhab shodan. kevin hamchenin ahange takieie ba alexs bename finally khond ke be vasileye brave brothers in ahang dorost sode bod.

Kevin is now one of the emcees in the Arirang M-wave.
Starting from December 2010 to February 2011, Kevin will be starring in a musical, “On Air Live”.[5] His first stage performance is on January 5, 2011.

translate: kevin hala yeki az emcees ha dar barnameye m-wave dar arirang hast ke az December 2010 ta February 2011 shoro mishe. kevin gharare dar musical “On Air Live” bazigari kone. avalin ejraye o bar roye sahne dar January 5, 2011 khahad bod

in mofasal tarin zendegi nameeie bod k az kevin peyda kardam

creats: wikipedia + ukisspersianclub

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  • shiva says:

    سلام ممنون خیلی کامله میشه ترجمشم بذاری.کومائوا

  • سارا says:

    واییییییییییییییی خیلی ممنون دارم میخونم خوبه کامله ممنون
    راستی تو زبان میخونی یعنی کلاس میری منم زبان انگلیسی خیلی دوست دارم
    ولی تا الان نشده که برم کلاس یا این که زبان رشتته .از زحمتی که برام کشیدی خیلی ممنون

    اجا اجا هایتی

    • bluekissme says:

      khahesh mikonam aizzam, na, kelas nemiram, vali asheghe zabanam, rahnamaeie ke bodam kelas zaban miraftam vali az ona ham chizi yad nagereftam, na reshtamam zaban nist, man ba gosh kardan be ahanga english ba lyric hashon va didane film haye ziyade english ba zir nevis farsio tamrin kardane harf zadane english ba dostam tonestam intori besham albate sharayete dgeiei ham bode 😀 . khahesh mikonam sara joon, khosh halam k tonestam chizi ke khaste bodi ro barat peyda konam 😀

  • سارا says:

    راستی کار کردن با ورد پرس خوبه ولی فکر کنم فارسی زیاد نمیگیره نه

    • bluekissme says:

      are, man ke nemitonam bash ba farsi kar konam, nemidonam pinky o triple chetori farsi minevisan, man ke shakhsan har vaght say kardam farsi benevisam divonam mikone 😀

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    manooooooooooooooon kheyli aliii bod hamin k tarjomash kardi kheyliiiie

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